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“We love them! It is one less thing to worry about,”


    -Glen McIntyre

     Ocean City P.D.

TIP 2000 "Safe" cord-free Inmate Telephone

The patented TIP 2000 “Safe” cord-free Inmate telephone is the solution to preventing Inmates from harming themselves or others. It will prevent 99% of all service calls due to broken handsets and cords. No special parts are needed as The Safe works with any handset and keypad. Professional installations are done by TIP Systems at NO CHARGE to all qualified departments. Call today for your free custom quote.


  • Cord Free Design

  • Handset Design Provides Same Privacy as Corded Phone

  • Standard Handset Inside

  • Built-in Volume Control in Keypad

  • Built-in Background Noise and Side Tone

  • Reduction in Keypad

  • Prevents Inmates from Harming Themselves

  • Superior Privacy of Speaker Telephone


  • Proprietary Software

  • Can view active calls in the facility 

  • Hot Calls - allows Real Time Monitoring

  • Call Usage Reports

  • Listen to Recorded calls*

  • Can personalize PINs for each Inmate with fcaility mapping

  • Allow / Block Phone Calls



*Confidential recordings to lawyers should not be recorded)

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